Troy-Bilt TB154 9-inch Electric Garden Tiller

Troy-Bilt TB154 9-Inch Rototiller
Troy-Bilt TB154 Electric Tiller Cultivator
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Troy-Bilt TB154 9-Inch Electric Tiller/Garden Cultivator Review

Welcome to our description and overview of the Troy-Bilt TB154 9-inch Rototiller / Garden Cultivator. For more than sixty years, Troy-Bilt has been a trusted manufacturer of products for lawn and garden experts including tillers, tractors and mowers.

On this page we will check out the features and a description of the Troy-Bilt TB154 Roto Tiller. We will look at the pros and cons of this tiller, examine reviews from actual owners, and provide an overall rating.

Troy-Bilt TB154 Electric Rototiller Description & Features

Looking for a tiller that offers outstanding capabilities and power but don't want to worry about the weight, noise, and fumes of a traditional rototiller?  The Troy-Bilt TB156 Electric Cultivator offers a great alternative.

The TB156 Electric Tiller includes the same advantages and features of standard cultivators with the conveniece and simplicity of an electric motor.  

The TB154 can be up and running with the simple push of a button and it's lightweight and easy to manuever design makes bed maintenance and soil preparation a breeze.   

The Troy-Bilt TB154 Electric Tiller / Cultivator incorporates great features like a cord mider system that prevents the extension cord from getting tangled or in the way. Its 8 inch steel tines will cultivate, dig, and weed for top of the line soid tilling and preparation. Extremely lightweight, it can be used by people of all ages and genders and is simple and easy to store away for when you need it. Includes a built-in carrying handle to make it easy to transport from place to place.

Comes with a 6.5 amp electric motor, a tilling width of 10.25 inches, a tilling depth of 8", and a gear drive system.  Has one forward speed and comes with a two year limited warranty.


Troy-Bilt TB154 Features

  • 8-inch patented steel cultivating tines dig, weed and shred for premium soil preparation
  • Adjustable tilling width from 6 to 10-1/4-inches, depth up to 8-inches
  • Standard cord minder keeps your extension cord in check
  • 2-Year limited warranty

Troy-Bilt TB154 Garden Cultivator Reviews

Sample Customer Reviews

The Troy-Bilt TB154 receives outstanding reviews from actual owners with over 90% of all reviews we've found being 5 out of 5 stars. This indicates a level of customer satisfaction that is quite rare. The only negative reviews or comments deal with the cultivators lack of performance on rock-hard soil.

Positive Customer Reviews

I purchased this great little tiller for landscaping work and I'm truly amazed by the performance it offers.  Just a great machine.
-- B.T.

This little tiller is great! Just tilled a 10 X 25 ft area of compacted soil w/weeds and some rocks in just a few minutes. Works as well as huge rental, but without the back ache.
-- R.C.

This tiller is extrememly easy to use. I used it to dig up flower garden that was composed of very hard dirt (no rain here for 30 days!).  It does a great job.  Outstanding Troy-Bilt product. 
-- S.D.

Negative Customer Reviews

I don't think this tiller would be good for very hard soil, even though it does cut through hard clay.
-- L.S.