Troy-Bilt TB144 4-Cycle Gas Tiller Cultivator

Troy-Bilt TB144 tiller
Troy-Bilt TB144 4-Cycle Gas Tiller
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Troy-Bilt TB144 4-Cycle Gas Tiller Cultivator Review

Thanks for checking out our examination of the Troy-Bilt TB144 4-Cycle Gas Tiller Cultivator. For more than sixty years, Troy-Bilt has been a trusted manufacturer of products for lawn and garden experts including tillers, tractors and mowers.

Troy-Bilt has been manufacturing quality garden products for over 60 years. On this page we will look at the Troy-Bilt TB144 Rototiller. We will start by examining a description and the features of this tiller/cultivator. We will compare and contract positive and negative reviews and comments by actual owners. Then we'll provide an overall rating and recommendation.

Troy-Bilt TB144 4-Cycle Gas Tiller Description & Features

The Troy-Bilt TB144 4-Cycle Gas Tiller is designed as a 2 in 1 tiller that can cultivate and till while at the same time creating edges. One machine, two jobs! You can transform the TB144 from a cultivator/tiller into an edger in minutes without the use of any tools.  

Perfect for smaller areas such as herb or flower gardens, this gas powered tiller is easy to handle and lightweight.  It comes with a border edger attachment, a front bumper, and includes a 2-year limited warranty.


Troy-Bilt TB144 Features

  • Easy starting with SpringAssist
  • Edger attachment kit
  • 8-inch steel tines
  • 6 to 10.25 adjustable tilling width
  • Adjustable tilling depth up to 8 inches

Troy-Bilt TB144 Gas Tiller Reviews

Sample Customer Reviews

Reviews of the Troy-Bilt TB144 from actual owners are a mixed bag.  58% rate this tiller as 4 stars or better (out of 5), but 35% give this rototiller a paltry 1 star.  Here are some sample comments:

Positive Customer Reviews

Extremely lightweight and easy to move around and handle.  No oil needed...straight gas.  Relatively quiet.  Works great.  No problems here.
-- J.M.

This great tiller is easy to start, easy to operate, digs nice and deep, and doesn't take a 300 pound linebacker to operate.  Three years of use now with zero problems.
-- B.

Purchased this for the misses so she can use it with her garden.  I planned on doing the work, but she immediately took over the reigns on this thing and uses it by herself.  It's fantastic if used for it's intended purpose, which is cultivating and not necessarily "tilling".
-- A.G.

Negative Customer Reviews

My Troy-bilt tiller has spend more time in the repair shop than in my garden. 
-- I.B.

The third time I used the tiller the valve spring broke. I repaired that my self. The next time I used it after about 20 min. it started leaking oil and locked up.  Highly disappointed in this rototiller.