Sun Joe TJ600E Electric Tiller Cultivator

Sun Joe TJ600E Tiller
Sun Joe TJ600E Electric Tiller
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Sun Joe TJ600E Electric Rototiller Review

Welcome to our summary and description of the Sun Joe TJ600E Electric Tiller/Cultivator.

In this write-up we will examine the features of the Troy-Bilt TB154 Roto Tiller and look at a detailed description of this garden cultivator. We will also compare positive and negative comments from actual users and owners of this tiller and give an overall endorsement.

Sun Joe TJ600E Electric Tiller Description & Features

The Sun Joe Tiller Joe TJ600E enables you to efficiently till, dig, weed, and cultivate dirt for successful gardening or planting.

The TJ600E comes ready to go with a highly effective 6.5 amp electric motor that is a breeze to start, operate, and maintain. With steel tines, the Tiller Joe can tackle even the hardest of soils.

Rototilling has Never Been Easier

The Sun Joe Tiller Joe includes four long lasting steel blade tines which are set at an angle in order to release challenging dirt. It offers a tilling width of 14 inches and a depth of 7 inches. In comparison with conventional garden tools,The Sun Joe TJ600E electric tiller makes cultivating a garden or other dirt removal projects easier than ever before.

Dependable and Powerful

Forget about running of a gas, mixing up the correct gas/oil mixture,  or having to replace dead batteries every summer.  With the TJ600E's 6.5 amp electrical motor, maintenance is a thing of the past.  When you're ready to use your tiller, simply hit the Instant-Start button, and you are ready to cultivate some dirt!

Safety First

The Sun Joe Tiller TJ600E includes a safety button that puts a stop to unintentional starting, together with a set extra-large handle bars, the Tiller Joe was created to make sure the operator is comfortable and safe during operation.

Weighing only 17 pounds, the Tiller Joe rototiller is perfectly balanced making it effortless to operate.  ETL approved, the Sun Joe TJ600E comes with a full 2 year warranty.


Sun Joe Tiller Joe Features

  • 8-inch patented steel cultivating tines dig, weed and shred for premium soil preparation
  • Adjustable tilling width from 6 to 10-1/4-inches, depth up to 8-inches
  • Standard cord minder keeps your extension cord in check
  • 2-Year limited warranty

Sun Joe TJ600E Electric Tiller Reviews

Sample Customer Reviews

Reviews of the Sun Joe Tiller Joe Garden Cultivator have been excellent overall, with over 87 off all owners rating this tiller as 4 stars or more (out of 5).

Positive Customer Reviews

This great little tiller is extremely lightweight.  You can honestly pick it up with one arm with no problem.  It's also quite powerful and will run away from you if you're not paying attention.  It's not the deepest tilling tiller, but I suggest just making a second pass on areas that need more cultivation.
-- B.T.

I wasn't expecting all that much from an electric tiller but I am must admit that I am blown away.  Really does the job its supposed to do.  Renting a tiller for my small garden didn't make sense.  This thing will last me for years and is perfect.
-- H.R.

The perfect tiller for small jobs.  Great price, lightweight, easy to assemle, powerful.  You'll like it.
-- T.B.

Negative Customer Reviews

Most of the negative comments on the Sun Joe tiller have to do with its tilling depth. 

This little rototiller tries hard but doesn't get very deep, even into soft soil.
-- L.S.