Greenworks 27012 10-inch Electric Tiller Cultivator

Greenworks 27012
Greenworks 27012 Electric Tiller Cultivator
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GreenWorks 27012 Electric Tiller Review

Welcome to our review of the GreenWorks 27012 Electric Cultivator Tiller.

GreenWorks guarantees that all of its products have a zero carbon footprint so that carbon emissions are never released into the air. On this page we will take a look at a description of the Greenworks 27012 Electric Tiller.  We'll take a look at its features, check out some reviews of this rototiller by actual owners, and provide an overall recommendation. 

Greenworks Electric Tiller Cultivator Description & Features

Looking for a electric tiller that offers guarantees zero carbon football?  How about a garden cultivator that is backed by full 4-year warranty?

The Greenworks 27012 Electric Tiller Cultivator offers all that and more. 

The Greenworks Electric Tiller is driven by a powerful electric motor that offers all the power you need for your garden projects. With no gas required, Greenworks tillers are made to last, require no maintenance or tune-ups, and are guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

Features of the GreenWorks 27012 Electric Cultivator includes an adjustable tilling depth selector and an adjustable tilling width from 6.25 to 10 inch.


Greenworks Tiller Features

  • Cord lock to stop cord disconnections
  • Four forward rotating tines
  • Removable tines
  • Tilling width of 6.25 to 10 inches
  • Adjustable tilling depth selector

GreenWorks 27012 Electric Rototiller Cultivator Reviews

Sample Customer Reviews

There are not an abundance of customer reviews of this tiller, but currently we're seeing outstanding reviews from owners who have shared their experience with the Greenworks 27012 Cultivator Tiller.

Positive Customer Reviews

I'm a longtime Mantis owner. took a chance on this Greensworks. I'm extremely happy with both the quality and performance of this electric tiller. Price is great and it's more powerful than my previous gas powered tiller.
-- T.

Very, very happy about the capabilities of this green electric machine. The size and weight of standard carry-on suitcase, the power output was more than we needed.
-- H.G.

Negative Customer Comments

The cord holder needs some improvement
-- C.D.

Heavier than my gas powered mantis
-- K.G.